Warranty Coverage and Conditions

Sunset reserves the right to refuse service and invalidate the warranty when the sleep set, even if defective, is in an unsanitary condition (due to blood or bodily fluid stains or soiling, infestation or other abuse), when the sleep set has evidence of damage from liquid penetration, cleaning or the use of cleaning fluids, or whenever the product failure is caused by factors other than defective workmanship or materials.

Allowing the sleep set to be in an unsanitary condition may damage the product and invalidate the warranty. For the health and safety of anyone who would be required to dispose of, or otherwise handle, the sleep set, Sunset may refuse to inspect such products to assess whether covered by the warranty, in which case, Sunset reserves the right to deny warranty coverage.

The use of cleaning fluids may damage the fabric and materials in your mattress. Allowing water or other liquids to penetrate your mattress may damage the layers of upholstery, causing materials to compress. Either of these situations may result in damage that will invalidate your warranty.

Sunset reserves the right to deny warranty coverage if the sleep set exhibits stains or soiling of unknown origin or nature and it appears to Sunset, in good faith, that the sleep set may be in an unsanitary condition or may have been damaged by liquid penetration or other abuse.

This warranty is given by the Sunset manufacturer whose name and address appear on the law tag attached to your Sunset product. We recommend that you examine the law tag attached to your Sunset product and record the name and address of the Sunset manufacturer, and your warranty code, on this warranty card. Retain the law tags and proof of purchase to validate warranty coverage.


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